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Welcome to the SHTM/PolyU Teacher's Peanut Butter Wiki!


 Many of us have developed good ideas for teaching and learning (and other things too) that could be of help to each other. Please feel free to add and share resources, ideas and good practice here. You can view all pages but need to create a free account to edit and add materials.


"Great teaching requires taking risks. It comes from leaving behind methods that are familiar and comfortable, and trying new ones that may seem strange and ill-fitting. It comes out of being dissatisfied with what is merely adequate, and aiming for that which could be truly amazing." (from San Francisco State University, Center for Teaching & Faculty Development)


How to use it


Create a class wiki page to test the concept - just click on the wiki Classroom, add a syllabus or set up a Group Project from the menu on the right. 


Check out the video on Getting Started with PBwiki


Create a page and post a topic etcP


Post a question here - or offer an answer


Key topics: Research Resources  More research resources  Tourism journals Citation software  China Information and resources


Question...is what we teach what our students need to learn?


From Kathy Sierra http://headrush.typepad.com



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